I have a new mission in life, folks. Over the next few weeks, I am going to buy, sample and review every single product sold in the Pret a Manger across the street from me. I will post my reviews here, for the betterment of all mankind. So, kicking off with today's meal:
  • The deluxe prawn sandwich was definitely an experimental choice; you wouldn't catch me eating prawns in a sandwich. Or so I thought. Consisting merely of big prawns, fresh mayo and nice bread-with-bits-in, this sandwich was light, tasty and refreshing, without any sort of "fishy" flavour I was expecting. Very yummy indeed.
  • This was followed up by the Natural Yoghurt Pret Bowl. These are amazing creations. Fresh-tasting fruit in a medium-thick syrup of some kind, covered with a layer unsweetened natural yoghurt, covered in turn by a thick layer of crunchy honey-glazed granola and nuts, the three ingredients mix unevenly as you eat, producing a sweet-sour-crunchy-smooth mixture that's different every time. I thoroughly recommend these.
  • My drink today was an unimaginative Coca-Cola, which is of course the drink of the Gods. In future however I shall sample the range of Pret-branded drinks on offer.