Random link dump

Godfuck and buggery, work was boring today. Roll on vacation on Wednesday! Yes, kiddies, I'm off to Trinidad, where it's hot and doesn't go dark at 4 in the afternoon and there is honest-to-god SUNSHINE available. You people can have your white Christmas; mine will be tan. (Or more likely burnt, as I tend to overdo the sun-worshipping. Mmm, After Sun...)

Anyway. Links!

  • Bob the Angry Flower appears on I am Hitler! But the question is am I sexier than hitler? Currently Hitler is winning; apparently the moustache was the problem.
  • "We do know, however, that it was we who scorched the skies...". From the 1960s to 1990, pollution in the atmosphere significantly reduced the amount of sunlight reaching the earth's surface. This hampered global warming, and also made things darker, especially in industrialized nations. Things have been getting brighter since then as countries have moved away from industrialization. As a result, global warming may be self-regulating: the increase in temperature combined with greater quantities of particulate matter in the atmosphere from pollution increases cloud cover from evaporation, which increases the earth's albedo (reflectivity), which lowers temperatures again by reflecting away some of the sun's radiation.
  • Meanwhile, despite the offputting name, Young Bottoms in Love is an excellent series of gay romance comics (think yaoi, only western-style) in a variety of artistic and writing styles. Particularly sweet (if predictable, so far) is the coupling. Yves is soooooo sexy...
  • Oh my god, I really want to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, a full on, feature-length homage to art-deco 30s futurism (think Metropolis) featuring Angelina Jolie and Jude Law battling strangely aerodynamic brushed-metal robotic villains! Eye candy of every description: words cannot describe how much I love art deco design, I'm quite fond of Jude Law, and Angelina Jolie's boobs make me think twice about my declared sexuality (but don't get your hopes up, mum. Still gay.)
  • A colleague's tireless research led to HostGator as some of the best-value web hosting I've seen around in ages. Switching is imminent, even if it is a huge hassle...
  • IT graduates "now even more fucked" than last year -- official. Great! Good to know my industry is still doomed.