Graceful, slender beauty
You take no heed of duty
The rules are different for you 'cause the world's your friend
Wrapped around your thumb
The world your perfect plum
Everything's so easy and your luck may never end

Thoughtless around others
Still everyone's your brother
Your face is oh so perfect, so your life is like that too
Our love makes us feel helpless
You make us feel so selfless
Surrounded by devotion, you're not be sure we're being true

We take the weight right off you
Your beauty makes us glad to
But when hit by a feather now you think you break your back
You make me feel so light
I dream of you at night
Better than to slash my wrists for having everything I lack

You know that I love you
I can't help but want you
But you make me so angry when you assume it cannot stop
You are right of course
I can't resist your force
But don't take us for granted and you'll make it to the top

NB to self: Method: songwriting to fit within a beat is far more limiting and produces inferior songs to fitting beats to existing writing. How else to achieve original structures?