Real life is so confusing

AllahPundit hits the nail on the head so many times a day, he could have a profitable business assembling flat-pack furniture.

I'm having some trouble following the logic. I can't advocate not blowing up bin Laden, so therefore I must support blowing up Yassin. But he was an old guy in a wheelchair! (And Osama has liver disease!) I feel bad that the Israelis blew his head off (warning: those are really graphic)! I feel like a dick supporting the death of disabled people!

But wait: the Palestinians are also killing disabled people! Specifically, their own mentally impaired children, lured into becoming a suicide bomber by the dual incentives of an end to his teasing at school by becoming a "hero" and the thought of having sex with 72 virgins in paradise.

BOTH SIDES SUCK! Both sides are committing senseless atrocities in the name of their own survival, because they rightly think that if they let up for a second, the other side will grind them into the dirt, because the other side is scared that the first side wants to grind them into the dirt, which is true, because the first side thinks exactly the same thing about them... aaargh! It's hopelessly reflexive. The stupid "security fence" (aka "Berlin Wall 2: maybe Hitler did have some good ideas") begins to look like not enough.

I prefer simple answers. Can we solve this by bombing some brown people? Maybe that would make things better.