Reasons to oppose Bush that have nothing to do with Iraq

See, I support the war in Iraq. But I'm no fan of George W. Bush. So I need some other good reasons to oppose him, and so do you. Here are a selection:

  1. Drilling for oil in wildlife preserves despite the fact that this would not reduce dependence on foreign oil and in fact would only slightly slow down the rate of increasing dependence. Oh, and of course it would ruin those preserves, but it doesn't even make straight economic sense to do it.
  2. Tax breaks mainly to the wealthy while plunging the nation into debt to spur economic growth of dubious worth.
  3. The terrifying police-state powers granted by the PATRIOT act to provide a false sense of security for middle America.
  4. A noted reluctance to separate church and state, including a constitutional amendment to deny gay citizens equal rights and laws to deny women the right to choose, despite neither issue being anything the government should be worried about unless that government were trying to uphold Christian values.
  5. Last but not least, he's a big, dumb, clumsy Texan.