Had a great time at a very relaxed barbecue that turned into an even more chilled out 3-hour chat on comfy chairs in the living room. A lovely way to spend an evening. Afterwards, I was in the car when Dom was getting a lift home, via a parent who has not yet been informed of his son's sexuality, necessitating us to play it straight for five minutes. Dom was required to give directions to his house, an activity which seemed to cause him quite a lot of difficulty, even when we were actually already on the street where he lives. Which led to this conversation later...

Me: You live in that town, how could you not know how many banks of shops there were to your house?
Dom: I don't know! >_<
Dom: I was flustered
Dom: I'm not used to being straight
Me: You don't have to be straight to know where you live.
Dom: No, but it's a wonderful excuse
Dom: I blame it for most things
Dom: Best scapegoat ever
Dom: "But I'm gay"
Dom: "That has nothing to do with it!"

I may use this the next time one of my projects is late at work (which will probably be Monday morning, for the record).