Catching the skillfully-thrown baton from M (and blogging during my lunch hour, so I need to wrap this up in 15 minutes or less).

The last film I saw at the cinema:
The Jacket. Pretty good. Well acted, not too cheesy, fairly predictable ending. Keira Knightley is much sexier as a chain-smoking alcoholic than as a bustier-clad pirate's consort.

Last film I watched otherwise:
Summer Storm. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can go wrong in a movie about a mainly-straight, possibly-gay German rowing team camping on the same lake as a completely-gay German rowing team. Go see.

Films I’m looking forward to seeing: Batman Begins; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Fantastic Four; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; The Chronicles of Narnia; The Island; Zathura; War of the Worlds; A Scanner Darkly; Stealth. What can I say? I'm addicted to Apple Trailers.

Total number of films I own:
Uh... define "own". I possess copies of hundreds of films, but I think I have paid for about 20.

Five films that mean something to me...

  1. And The Band Played On was very formative for me, being the first time I ever saw a gay person portrayed and recognized them as such. It did immeasurable good, I think, that the portrayal was done by Ian McKellan, and not by some lisping stereotype.
  2. Hackers was, I retroactively discovered, the inspiration for most of my life from ages 16-21.
  3. Beautiful Thing, flawed though it is, and a cliche in a list from a gay man in the UK, was nevertheless hugely moving to me the first time I saw it. It gave me hope that being gay could be happy and wonderful.
  4. The Matrix made me really, really annoyed that the world is all there is, and determined to ensure that it is not.
  5. Gattaca helped to instill very firmly in me some principles about freedom, destiny and determination.

Honourable mentions...
The Abyss, 2001, X-Men 1&2, Donnie Darko, Kill Bill, Garden State. I really didn't watch movies before I came to the UK...

Passing the baton...
Dan definitely needs to give this a go, and Dom deserves some payback for all the ones he's sent me.