Right! Well that's nice and done with then. Four exams done and out of the way, one left in a week,...

Right! Well that's nice and done with then. Four exams done and out of the way, one left in a week, and it's GCSE-level French, so I'm not nearly as panicked about that. They went okay, thanks for asking. It's time for a triumphant return to the world of blogging, don't you think?

But no. I'm going to redesign some bits of Seldo.Com. Because that's what I do when I have time, and I have quite a lot of time at the moment. I will also be studying French, polishing up my CV and applying to 8 billion jobs, one of whom will turn out to be my dream job and everything will be absolutely perfect. My backlog of interesting sites is huge, so while I'm redesigning I'll keep you interested with a few links at a time; does 10 a day sound good? That'll still take a month to work off. Here we go then, starting as far back as I can be bothered:

  1. Silverchair have an interesting story. Did you know the lead singer was anorexic? Neon Ballroom was very good, although the lyrics are not exactly subtle. I wonder if he's gay? The new album is a rainbow-coloured creation called "Spectrum", for crying out loud, how heavy does the hint have to be?
  2. BenLikesMen. And men like Ben! Lucky, eh? A good companion for the hottest man alive. HotOrNot is without question the best revision-avoidance activity ever. However, you may prefer the older man.
  3. Who has the largest oil reserves in the world? Bet you didn't guess it was Canada. Yep, shitloads of oil, it's just more expensive to get than oil usually is because it's in sand. So when oil reserves are exhausted in 50 years like they keep telling us will happen, we won't all run out of oil and die, energy will just get expensive, forcing us to change our lifestyles, adjust our economies, and find alternative sources (other than more oil-sand). Funny how environmentalists don't mention that, and what with the increasing evidence that global warming may not be our fault they're sort of losing my confidence.
  4. FameTracker offers excellent piss-takes of, well, everybody. For instance, Jim Carrey:
    • A lot more attractive than your average comic actor
    • Is no longer romantically involved with Lauren Holly
    • We still have fond memories of that time he did the Midnight Cowboy homage at the Oscars with the Woody and Buzz Lightyear toys
    • Dumb & Dumber is still one of the all-time greatest stupid comedies
    • We never saw The Majestic, but the TV spots alone put us in a diabetic coma
    • Was involved in that atrocious perversion of A Prayer for Owen Meany, Simon Birch
    • That whole thing during the filming of Man on the Moon when he would act like a total asshole and try to excuse it by saying he was in character as Tony Clifton
    • Should consider asking his doctor if Ritalin may be right for him
    They have a lot in common with the always-on Television Without Pity, i.e. they're sarcastic sons of bitches
  5. Late as all hell, I shall chime in that yes, SixApart does sounds interesting as all hell: MoveableType without needing to install it! Now everyone can have their page be a clone of Kottke. Honestly, people, there's bare rectangles to be cool, and then there's bare rectangles because you're not clever enough to do better. Be cool. Be curvy :-) This public service announcement from Seldo.Com, with the worst browser-specific table-code hack in the world ever. I'm gonna fix it soon, I promise.
  6. The Bush administration is one big happy family. There's the amusingly totally-outta-control Bush Twins, and Dick Cheney's gay daughter. He sure kept her quiet. (Psst... there are also vehemently-denied rumours about Matt Drudge being gay. Are there no heterosexual journalists? And I apologize in advance for calling Drudge a journalist). While we're on sexuality in American politics, it seems Gore has been anti-gay in the past. Were you surprised?
  7. The gayest boyband ever, Marilyn's Boys are actually marketed as such. They ming, and sound worse. Go Germany!
  8. Reason continues to rock with a fascinating article about the hot tub mystery religion and what religion is actually all about. Go on, you know you can't resist clicking a link with that title.
  9. More than a bit late, but screw topicality, it's funny: the Real Saddam, from the same people who brought you (or else shamelessly ripped off) Bin Laden in Nowhere to Run, the animated version of the Bomb Iraq song and the amusing but probably not safe-for-work secret celeb exposed (rated XXX) which is sure to be another one of those links that gets me really odd search referrals from Google.
  10. A smattering of blogs you may find interesting: Kieran Healy and Jase Wells
  • Bonus: (because that last one wasn't very good) Alea Jacta Est is the most comprehensive site about Asterix and Obelix books ever, including a detailed review of every book in the series, including keeping track of all the dozens of running jokes.

    Tired yet? I have hundreds more links to go, you bastards, and I was hardly even trying...