San Francisco city guide map, for the prospective resident

Update 2013-03-24: People continue to find this map very useful, so I've made a minor update to include the up-and-coming La Lengua neighborhood.

A friend of mine is moving to San Francisco, and asked me for advice on where are the nice places to live. This is a sufficiently common question that I decided to do a proper answer, in the form of a custom Google map. I mentioned it on Twitter and it got quite a lot of responses, so here for posterity is my guide to the neighbourhoods of San Francisco:

Where possible I've made comparisons to equivalent areas in London, as that's where my friend is moving from. Comments and suggestions are welcome; Twitter is probably the easiest way.

Update: this map is obviously extremely subjective. Many people love the Richmond, and huge numbers of people think the Marina is great. I make absolutely no claim to objectivity, so don't yell at me.