Say hello to the Master

So, via Karinski, I did the OK Cupid test. I found it interesting in that the logic of the test seems to be a lot clearer than most, and the answers more believeable. Some of the answers were sort of tricky for me, so I did the test twice with alternate answers for each of the ambiguous questions.

According to the first test, I'm a Deliberate Gentle Love Master ("the Gentleman"). Switching all my wobbly answers, I became the Random Gentle Sex Master ("the Playboy"), the differences lying in my alternating introvert/extrovert, planned/spontaneous nature (I never score the same answer twice) and my equally ambivalent attitude to casual sex, which I enjoy when I get it (though I seldom do!) but disapprove of on rational grounds (it's pointless), as most recently evidenced in the conversation below with Mikey and Dan, in which I argued the case of casual sex, despite thinking in general it's a better idea to get to know people first.

So on those grounds I might also be the (introverted = deliberate) Deliberate Gentle Sex Master ("the Bachelor") if I'm more sex-focussed than I'd like to admit, but less spontaneous than I'd like to be. The other variation possible is Random Gentle Love Master ("the loverboy"), who I'd quite like to be, but I don't really think I'm spontaneous enough to count as "random".

So I'm putting it to a vote: if you know me, am I spontaneous or planned? More romantic, or more horny? Answer honestly in the comments (click on the number in the bubble in the top-right...) or mail me at lovetest AT seldo DOT com, and I'll take the highest-scored answer* as the real value.

* It won't be democratic; people who know me better will have more votes. Deal.