Scissor Story

Below, the order of the tracks on the album Scissor Sisters, as first released, without bonus tracks.

  1. Laura
  2. Take Your Mama Out
  3. Comfortably Numb
  4. Mary
  5. Lovers In The Backseat
  6. Tits On The Radio
  7. Filthy/Gorgeous
  8. Music Is The Victim
  9. Better Luck Next Time
  10. It Can't Come Quickly Enough
  11. Return To Oz

Is there a pattern to these? I think so. Specifically, it's the lifecycle of The Gay Pop Artist, from innocent twink with fag-hag through clubmonkey to scene queen and tired dried-out bitter bitch. Although Laura is about starting the band itself, and doesn't fit into the sequence.

I was going to analyse more, but I'm too tired. Run with this for now.