Second helpings

There should be more impromptu barbecues (hosted by M or otherwise) that result in entire evenings on intense conversation, ranging from debate on whether evolutionary impulses or social conditioning are a better explanation of human behaviour to several hours on Bob Bloody Geldof, Live 8, and poverty reduction in general. Extra points to D for attempting to link the two by claiming evolutionary impulses produce right-wing behaviour while social conditioning produces impulses towards the left, since it implies that Republicans and Tories are somehow more primitive than liberals. Further kudos to J for using extremely long words and quoting Dawkins while intoxicated, and dishonourable mention to the trio in the corner who took 3 hours to decide that they were not arguing about the same thing and were probably both right.

I love giving my brain a good workout. The fact that all these conversations were in fact started by a debate over whether it was fair that Saskia be painted as the villain for manipulating Maxwell (in Big Brother 5) will be overlooked. Roses bloom out of mud, after all.

More of the same, please.