Seldo.Com is 7 years old today

7 years
2,555 days
61,320 hours
3,679,200 minutes
1,298 posts (roughly one post every other day)
~2MB megabytes of plain text (not counting three plays)
~350,000 words (one word every 7 waking minutes)
Four published designs and more than a dozen unpublished ones.

Ages 19-26, incompletely but permanently recorded. More than a quarter of my life!* Thoughts and fears and hopes and dreams and rants and emotional crises and prejudices and hissy fits and drama and arrogant pronouncements and terror and joy and love and loss and controversy and, oh good god, blogging my lunch... everything that has been me.

I don't usually celebrate the birthday of this blog (in fact, almost every year I forget until several days later) but this year feels a little special because this year I think it becomes my longest sustained personal endeavour. Longer than I have spent at any school, any job. I have lived with my blog longer than I have lived in any one place other than the house I grew up in. Seven years... it's just a long time. Maybe it seems disproportionately longer than six because it's within throwing distance of the decade mark?

And man, have I changed a lot in that time. Changed my name, for one thing, and then after four years changed it back. Moved from Trinidad to London and discovered life and love and sex (which came as something of a disappointment until quite a bit later) and went from being a neophyte script kiddie to, well, still a script kiddie but a lot better at it.

This was going to be longer, but I'm sure there will be other years when I can do a longer retrospective :-)

* It will be a third of my life in 2011, and if it's still going in 2022, then it will have been half my life -- woah, what the hell will I be doing in 2022?