I never know what to say
Never know how to act
Don't know when to speak
Or how to react

I've got some friends
They love me to death
They laugh at my jokes
While I hold my breath

I'm scared of new people
And I don't like big crowds
I prefer to be silent
So please don't be loud

I've always been shy
Keep my thoughts in my head
But I don't want to be lonely
Does that have to be said?

You know what I mean
Do I have to explain?
I'd rather not cry
I'll just deal with my pain

I'd love to be liked
And I'd like to be loved
But I don't want to push you
And I hate being shoved

Just look in my eyes
And you'll hear what I say
I know that you would
If you'd just turn my way

I like being quiet
And I like peaceful places
But please don't forget me
One of those nameless faces

I want you to know me
And not have to remind you
And we could have long talks
Let my intelligence blind you

But I've always been shy
Ever since I was young
So I'll keep sitting here
And keep holding my tongue