Sky Captain and the Spitfire of Prodigy

In violation of common sense (and several copyright laws, I'm sure), I've spent most of today and a good-sized chunk of yesterday putting together a music video.

Now, I get ideas for music videos all the time. Like, constantly. Every time I hear music. When I dance, all I'm doing is acting out the low-budget music video that I'm directing inside my head. The problem with most of these videos is that there's no way of getting them out of my head without a massive special effects budget, a full-on CGI studio and several months. Which is why it was a surprise to realise while listening to Spitfire off the Prodigy's new album on my way home from seeing Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow that the two could work together pretty easily since, of course, the hero's vehicle in the movie and the name of the song are one and the same. It would also be a fun way to play with video editing software.

So without further ado:

Sky Captain and the Spitfire of Prodigy

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow is © 2004 Paramount Pictures. Spitfire is © The Prodigy. If you think I can get away with it, this is a parody. Please don't sue me.

Update: the video is available again, now hosted locally.