So, the season premiere of Smallville series was Wednesday, I think -- my downloaded copy arrived last night, a mere 9 months in advance of its scheduled release in the UK... :-) Am I the only one who watches this show? It's my guilty secret.

[Spoiler alert! If you do watch the show and haven't seen this episode, stop reading now!]

Anyway, in case anyone does watch the show, AAAAAAAAAAAAH! What the fuck is going on? The plot holes from the season finale are just ridiculous! How are they explaining Clark's mysterious three-month abscence, and the huge crater in the middle of the Kent farm from the explosion? Why did Lex's wife suddenly become evil? How is Lana explaining away the fact that Clark is in two cities at the same time? If everybody is going apeshit looking for him, why the hell didn't Chloe mention that she's known where he is for two months, and if she's so hell-bent on keeping it a secret, why did she suddenly blurt it out just because Lana was looking a bit bummed? How the hell are they going to get rid of all the people who now know "Kal" is bulletproof? How on earth did he get the lease on that phat apartment without having to show any ID? It's all too stupid for words.

Why do I even watch this show? Oh yeah, Tom Welling. And special effects. Has anyone else noticed he seems to spend more and more time naked with each passing episode? This can only be a good thing.