Some encouraging -- and extremely surprising -- news from the Evil Recording Industry People:...

Some encouraging -- and extremely surprising -- news from the Evil Recording Industry People: they've come to their senses. Universal and Sony are going to start providing downloadable music for US 99 cents for singles and US$9.99 for an album, in a format that you can burn onto CDs (not MP3s -- still a scrambled format that prevents easy file-sharing, apparently). But pretty cool, nonetheless. This seems even more attractive now that the labels have started flooding the file-sharing networks with bogus versions of popular songs, notably Sheryl Crow and No Doubt: they share files of the right size and labelling that consist of 20-second loops of the songs. Aaargh!
Other interesting tidbits:
  • A credit-card sized digital camera. No flash, no zoom, crap quality, but cheap and small. Want one.
  • Another KeenSpot comic, Sexy Losers is well-drawn, extremely funny and rated R.
  • This is a good source of DivX software. DivX of course being the video format used to encode DVDs which are, um, "backed up in the public domain" :-)
  • Possibly the most offensively arrogant American ever. An article by him, to be specific.
  • There's a Rosetta Stone for UNIX, a huge table which allows you to work out how to do anything you can do on one version of Linux on any other version. How useful is that?
  • From the San Francisco Chronicle (where else?) comes a story about gay men's Internet usage habits. Hint: gay men are interested in sex. Interesting, but how is this different from straight men's browsing habits? :-)
  • Also from the Chronicle (the article I read initially) is a story about interesting upcoming nanotech or near-nanotech products. One not mentioned is IBM's new nanotech storage medium, really fascinating and dazzlingly high-capacity: 200,000 CD's worth in a chip the size of a postage stamp. I want one of those, too -- I can store the pictures from my camera on it.
    And that's quite enough for the moment, I think. Go listen to some music or something.