Stop bombing us, dammit

Not scared this time, just angry.

M was 100% right, and much sooner than anybody, I think, was expecting. There are others around who think it was a good enough idea not just to support it, but to try it again. This lot seem amateurish by comparison, but only by comparison -- they still had a plan, they still had the timing, they had detonators and just because their bombs didn't ignite whatever explosives may have been around doesn't mean they didn't completely panic the city for a couple of hours again. And, incidentally, knocking out the only tube line left linking me to London -- bugger! Better hope the Victoria line gets back online faster than it looks like the Picadilly will manage, or it's going to be very difficult getting anywhere from north London.

*sigh*. I'm just going to continue reading Harry Potter, where the bad guys are obvious and you're sure they'll be beaten in the end.