Syriana + Elections

I'm sufficiently recovered to actually have enough energy left in the evening to blog about something -- that's a good sign, right? Even if it is a quite pathetically banal entry about the fact that I had quite a good weekend, and that I saw Syriana this evening. It was a good commentary on our very destructive involvement in the middle east, but with nowhere near the depth or emotive force of Munich, say, or even Crash. No Oscar for j00, and deservedly so.

Also, we are now only 959 days out from the 2008 American election, folks. You think I'm jumping the gun? Just you wait; the first 2008 election special is mere weeks away, I promise. You can already start reading up on prospective candidates (the websites are already getting into the swing), the current frontrunners in the polls indicating that it's shaping up to be a Condoleeza-Hilary race, which is fun in that it'll at least be a female President, even if she will be either stupid and corrupt or smart and evil, depending who wins.

I can't believe the democratic field is so pathetic that the other front runners are still Kerry, Edwards and, for crying out loud, Al Gore. The Republicans have Giuliani and McCain! They sound like they could win tomorrow! Gore and Kerry? It just makes me want to weep.