Temporary absence

I'm off to deepest darkest Oxfordshire for a birthday party in 2 minutes, so there won't be much interesting blogging today.

Popstarz last night was good despite my massively sleep-deprived state... unfortunately, I may have burned off all the energy reserves I built up on my vacation in a single night. Oops. Oh well, sleep is for the week.

Also, commisserations to my future housemate J who got hit on the head by a flying bottle and spent the evening in casualty(!). I didn't even hear about it until hours after the event. Speaking of future housemates, I realise I haven't mentioned here yet that I'm moving house :-) Yes, from February 11th I will (hopefully) be in the sunny climes of Finsbury Park -- I'm movin' on up to zone 2, baby. As far as I know housemate J doesn't have a blog, but other housemate T does.

God, I need sleep. Or more caffeine. Mmmm, lucozade and Maynard sours for breakfast.