The Hardest Fall

Strange world
Strange kid
Was bright
Thoughts skid
Far away
Out of reach
He can't do
and he can't teach

Strange life
Strange times
Strange knife
Strange lines
Old scars
New skin
New parts
Old sin

Strange look
Strange sight
Strange book
Dark night
of the soul
Of the heart
Feels so old
Won't play his part

All an act
All a show
He won't work
They won't know
They won't care
They won't see
'Cause he won't talk
To anybody

Sees life
Through smoked glass
Had friends
In the past
Too dark
can't see
The crowded place
where he should be

Had hopes
Had dreams
Saw them shattered
Now screams
No point
No life
No fun
Sharp knife

Wants death
Too scared
Too much to say
Too much to share
No one around
To share it all
No pride before
The hardest fall