The Host with the most

Saw The Host today with O. Not bad! As monster movies go, it was a pretty awesome monster: large enough to be scary, but not so large as to be totally unbelievable, although occasionally it fell into the CGI-monster trap of suddenly becoming a lot bigger or smaller depending on the shot.

The plot was oddly political: oddly, as in, it was obviously political in some way, but it was hard to work out what point it was trying to make exactly. It steered away from clichés and was refreshingly unsentimental: whenever it threatened to become emotional it veered away into black humour instead, which was certainly novel and generally well-done.

In all, it gave the impression of a much more realistic reaction to a giant monster lurking in a big city: life mainly undisturbed, a vocal minority overreacting in various ways, and a lot of not very clever people doing whatever seemed like a good idea at the time -- and consequently being disorganized and ineffective.

And of course: giant land/sea/squid monster thing. Shiny. Go see!