The Sky at Night

At 6am this morning housemate T was startled awake when all her north-facing bedroom windows rattled simultaneously. When I got up later, a large grey cloud was visible to the north, and it drifted slowly over our house for the rest of the day. That was this thing:

Smoke from fuel depot file

Who needs terrorist attacks when we can cause enormous, devastating explosions by accident? Luckily, there have yet to be any fatalities and even the number of injured is less than fifty.

We also went to see that Jon Stewart thing tonight. It was a bit "meh"; I'm glad we bought the cheap tickets -- it was not so much Jon Stewart as a lot of reading from the book, although Ricky Gervais walking on halfway was a nice surprise.

I have a cold, so I'm off to bed early-ish -- it would have been early, but I'm at the beginning of season 6 of the West Wing and currently very exciting things are happening to my favourite character.

Reading: Misspent Youth, Peter Hamilton. Not his best, but nice concepts.
Eating: pigs in a blanket (thank you Tesco!)
Deciding: that "festive" is just a synonym for "fattening"
Wondering: if it is possible to overdose on mince pies (four five today, and counting...)