The Weekend Report

Had a lovely weekend with Mary (why doesn't she have a blog yet?) and Dan and Mikey who were down from Warwick for the weekend. Went to Popstarz on Friday (surprise! not like I do that nearly every week!) which was fun apart from somebody -- probably -- spiking my drink, although I didn't notice at the time. Saturday morning (after I had groaned quite thoroughly about the hangover which led us to conclude I'd been drugged the night before) we sat in the sun for a bit, watched Empire Records on DVD, a special fan edition with 16 minutes of extra footage which surprisingly really improved the movie. Then we sat in the sun for a bit more, before wandering off to Wimbledon Odeon to see Kill Bill Volume 2, which as Ed had warned was not as pretty as the first movie, but still pretty good. We followed that up with an impromptu barbecue and then several hours of amusing banter. Banter was punctuated by the first recreational use of my Twister duvet cover (fully clothed thankyew) although I suppose it depends what you count as "recreation", and a couple episodes of Smallville. All of which was very entertaining.