The year-end review

This year's review was significantly complicated by the fact that the archives of this blog have been totally inaccessible for most of the year. So today I made use of some valuable holiday-time to correct the database corruption that was responsible1. So the archives are back, and now I can review them. Here's last year's review. I'm a little bit premature doing this review on the 26th, so let's hope nothing majorly newsworthy happens between now and the 31st, hey? This year, major events and better pieces of writing on this blog included...





  • I developed a nasty allergic reaction to some washing powder. Opportunistic infections followed and turned into a gigantic mess that had me itching frantically for almost 3 months. A really shitty bit of year.
  • April continued its historical trend of being my quietest blogging month. I go outside in Spring.



  • I considered leaving London for a new challenge. At the time, I was considering moving back to Trinidad, but dismissed it.
  • Trinidad and Tobago qualified for, participated in, and were knocked out of the World Cup, with the whole nation screaming ecstatically for the entire month. As Y! was a sponsor of the cup, work was similarly awash with football mania, leading to a temporary spike in my levels of heterosexuality.
  • I visted Ukraine and enjoyed myself enormously, taking hundreds of photos.
  • I also broke up with my boyfriend of five months sometime around here. I didn't mention the start or the end of it on this blog, and that's how things are likely to continue. I'm not big on personal privacy on this blog, but my romantic life is not something I talk about here.



  • Castro began his slow decline. He's not likely to last 2007, and it will be interesting to see what happens to Cuba next year.
  • I'd mentioned the terrible depths to which the Israeli-Palestinian situation was sinking the month before, but I underlined that both parties are equally reprehensible and washed my hands of the whole thing (an action which threw the geopolitical scene into turmoil, obviously). It will somehow manage to get worse this year, I've no doubt. Maybe someone will nuke Jerusalem (please)?
  • The terrorists successfully destroyed our decadent Western lifestyle by making international air travel an almost unbearable chore. 2007 will see a plot involving exploding pants, and then the whole tourism industry will pack up its toys and go home.
  • I liked the Orson album. Back in May I was digging the Snow Patrol album, to the horror of my more musically hip friends. Other musical favourites of 2006 included Muse, Sufjan Stevens (again), Larrikin Love and the Fratellis.





For the geeks: my host's configuration of mySQL now automatically updates the first TIMESTAMP field to the current time whenever that record is updated. The first TIMESTAMP field in my schema is the creation date of the record. So a bunch of month-parent records of my blog all decided they were in October, and so only looked for entries from that month... so every month became October. Yes, it's poor template design on my part, but also a rubbish feature of mySQL to turn on by default as of (I think) version 4.1...