This is a test of my emergency broadcast system

I'm okay, everybody. All the mobile networks are down, so I can't respond to your concerned text messages. The best way to get in touch until I get home is my work email, "laurie at boltbluecorp dot com". My regular addresses will work once I get home this evening -- which might take some time, as I intend to walk.

All three of my routes to work were bombed this morning. Not just "I take buses, and buses were bombed": my bus route, my train stations, and my tube lines were directly hit. I'm a very nervous bunny right now.

Right now I'm hearing reports of multiple explosions on buses and trains, multiple fatalities. I really hope it's all just unnecessary panic and exaggeration.

Update 11.32am:

Remains of bus at Russell Square

Not just panic, not just exaggeration. FUCK.

Update 7.10pm:

Home now, really shaken up. Longer blog about this when I can think straight. Just in case you weren't terrified enough, Londoners, that image again: