Twitter color wars 2008: blue team avatar generator

The illustrious and wonderful Ze Frank has started using Twitter and, being the kind of guy he is, has immediately turned it into some kind of bizarre social science project which has got completely out of hand and turned into the 2008 color wars, which is already very popular even though nobody, not even Ze, is quite sure what it's going to be yet.

It will be some kind of game involving text messaging, and that's about all I know. Basically, it involves joining one of the teams simply by following them on Twitter. There is no rhyme or reason to the number, size or composition of teams. Your choice of team is arbitrary. When I was at school, my school divided its students into red, green, blue and yellow "houses", which were very similar to the teams at Ze's summer camp. I was on the blue team back then. Plus, as anyone who is not reading this site through an RSS reader knows, I'm a huge fan of blue in general.

So I spent an enjoyable couple of hours this morning making a nifty blue team avatar maker for my team-mates to show their team pride on their twitter profile. I got the idea from @biz, who I spotted on @goldman's profile after he told me about the game. Beyond that, I have no idea whose idea it was to add labels to twitter avatars to represent your team affiliation, but it seems like a neat idea.

Irritatingly, twitter's standard module look-and-feel, which I stole for the purposes of the generator page, actually looks much nicer than my own default layout. I guess I'll have to fix that at some point.