Uh, like brotherly love?

Chez: have you seen the new england rugby shirts?
Laurie: Probably not, though my house are big on their rugby.
Laurie*: They were all over today for the first game of the season.
Chez*: first game of the world cup, you mean
Laurie: Yeah, something like that :->
Laurie: Needless to say, I wasn't watching.
Chez: am v tempted to buy one of the new shirts
Chez: they're collarless and tight
Chez: though, it doesn't appear you can get them yet. so I don't have to worry about fitting my stomach into one
Chez: why not? men in small shorts..
Laurie: The attractive men:time spent watching ratio is too low.
Chez: hmm.. yeah, but big men? jonny wilkinson? jason robinson?
* Laurie does not know of them
Chez: you
Chez: do
Chez: not
Chez: know
Chez: who
Chez: jonny
Chez: wilkinson
Chez: is?
Chez: and you claim to be gay?
* Laurie googles rapidly
Chez: link
* Laurie has already found 10 photos and a gallery run by crazed fans
Laurie : Meh.
Chez: heathen
Laurie : He's okay. I definitely would. But not, like, droolworthy.
Laurie : Now, on the other hand: www.orlandobloom.co.nz
Chez: take your orlando bloom and shove it!!
Laurie : Oh, I wish.
Laurie : LOL
Chez: Jason Robinson
Laurie : link to pictures
Laurie : Oh, ick.
Laurie : pic
Laurie : Too bulky.
Chez: who jason?
Laurie : All three, but yes, jason.
Chez: he's a wee slip of a lad!
Laurie : Heh
Chez: only about 5' 10" and about 12 and ah alf stone
Laurie : Kay, this is about as chunky as men I like get: Daniel Schafer
Laurie : Beyond that is "too muscly"
Chez: I will make you love me
Laurie : ROFL

* That's me. The name re-change is pretty much complete now. I'm keeping seldo.com as the domain though.

* Chez is built like a big friendly 18-wheeler. Pay attention, this becomes important later.