Um, why is there a tank in this picture?

Tank in LA

The shrill but nevertheless interesting new AmericaBlog is covering a truly unbelievable event in LA, in which it seems the military drove two actual tanks into the middle of Los Angeles, and used them to intimidate a bunch of anti-war protesters.

Did this really happen? Tanks in LA? I dunno. AlterNet, which I consider quite reputable, is reporting it, but it appears they're sourcing from IndyMedia, who I consider less so. And then of course there's video of the event itself. I've watched it all the way through and it is definitely a bunch of anti-war protesters being intimidated by what is clearly a tank, with uniformed soldiers inside who poke their heads out at points. The video is shot at night and there's not much context, although Ed pointed out that at one point a bus drives by with the destination "UCLA", so it's believably LA. I suppose it could be a hoax, but it doesn't look it. Where would they find footage of protesters with a moving tank?

Also, as soon as the tank parks up about 5 guys all have the same bright idea of adopting a "tianemen square student" pose in front of it. Hilarious, in a depressing sort of way.