US Presidential Primary Dates

Putting these here so I don't have to keep looking them up. May also continue to include results.

January 3—Iowa Caucus
D: Obama, Edwards, Clinton. R: Huckabee, Romney, Thompson (source)
January 5—Republican Wyoming caucus
Romney, Thompson, Hunter (source)
January 8—New Hampshire Primary
D: Clinton (39%), Obama (37%), Edwards. R: McCain, Romney
January 15—Michigan Primary
Biden, Edwards, Richards and Obama are off the democratic ballot.
January 19—Nevada Caucus / Republican South Carolina Primary
January 26—Democratic South Carolina Primary
January 29—Florida Primary
February 2―Maine caucus
February 5―Super Duper Tuesday
Primaries/caucuses for both parties in 19 states, plus three Democratic-only caucuses and one Republican-only primary


  • 2008.01.13: NH results.