Voter Registration

So today, Islington Council sent us a voter registration form, asking us to confirm our details (I dunno why; is there an election coming up that I've not paid attention to?). Endlessly lazy when it comes to mailing in paperwork, we noticed that there was an option to complete your registration online, at the improbably named (I am amazed that nobody had previously registered this domain). Note the elegantly spartan web design: it's either bleeding-edge 2005 or hopelessly primitive 1996, but only the secret guardians of Islington Council IT department know for sure.

Despite the incredibly dodgy appearance of the site -- which reassuringly didn't purport to reveal or even know any personal details -- the ID number and password supplied in the letter we'd received did indeed work, and we confirmed our details, to be presented with what I believe to be the best thank-you screen I've ever seen:

Thank you for using the Internet

The "all_done.php" filename is quaintly amusing in itself, but it is line 6 that really takes the cake, with the wonderfully polite "Thank you for using the Internet". It's not every council that goes out of its way to thank you for being technologically literate in general, as opposed to just thanking you for interacting with their server in particular. So, to Islington Council, we say: you're welcome. We will continue using the Internet.

P.S. I want it that way.