Wait... I'd vote for who?

So, according to the Presidential match quiz, here are the possible US presidential candidates, ranked by their similarity to my opinions on an impressively comprehensive array of issues. The results worry me. A lot.

1SharptonScore: 100%
2Kucinich Score: 97%
3Kerry Score: 97%
4Dean Score: 92%
5Clark Score: 90%
6Edwards Score: 86%
7Lieberman Score: 84%
8Bush Score: 26%

Excuse my french, but AL FUCKING SHARPTON? Oh my god, I'm a crazy, crazy liberal! (And since when does Reverend Al have such strong support for gay marriage?)

But the test itself is pretty good, go try it. For your further edification, here's a full comparison of the three candidates I'd actually consider voting for (plus Bush and, dear lord, Sharpton). If I fiddle with my answers a bit Kerry ends at the top of the heap quite often, but I'm finding it hard to vote for Dean under any circumstances...