Pop quiz: when coding a website, and creating a style sheet, which of the following do you consider less trouble when you need to come up with a new RGB hex code for a colour:

  1. Look up the colour in an online chart and copy-and-paste
  2. Fire up your favourite graphics package and copy-and-paste
  3. Calculate in your head what the correct RGB sequence for the colour you want would be, and type it in directly

You see, I'm worried, because the answer recently became 3 for me. I'm beginning to move away from the obvious ones -- red, green, blue, black, white -- into secondary colours like yellow and purple, and I'm branching off into pastels. It worries me because I wonder what actually useful skill is being pushed out of my head to make way for the ability to count in base 16.

Reading: documentation
Wondering: how soon after starting it's considered kosher to start working from home (it's so cold! I don't wanna leave the house!)
Dreaming: of the #88BBFF, #88BBFF skies of home...