Welcome to MT3

As of 11.59pm 2005-02-14, MoveableType 3.15 has been installed and commenting has been reinstated. Thank you to everyone who donated (in chronological order):

  • Adey
  • Mikey
  • Matt (who doesn't even have a blog with me, but is apparently just supernaturally nice)
  • M
  • PlanetCH
  • Update 2005.11.16: Ed
  • Update 2005.11.16: Jamie

This post may also be considered a pointed *cough* in the direction of certain bloggers who shall remain unnamed who live in NYC and earn shitloads more cash than I do to cough up, thank you, which will bring the amount to exactly what it cost to upgrade (some donated more than £9, but PayPal takes 50p per donation). Public shaming is so effective!

What's new

Apart from the whiz-bang new interface, commenting now universally requires registration. Please do not enable unregistered commenting as that will simply break things all over again. In order to allow people to register on your blog, you will need to visit TypeKey and register. They will give you a "TypeKey token" for your website. Then go to your blog -> weblog config (on the left) -> preferences (at the top) -> comment configuration, paste the token into the space provided and hit "save". Once you've done that, let me know and I will modify your templates so that typekey users can post. Until then, anyone can post but the comments won't appear unless you approve them, which you can do using the new whiz-bang MT interface, which also lets you do bloody useful, bloody obvious things that the last version should have done, like mass-delete comments, ban IPs, and generally kick arse comment-wise.

Unfortunately, I haven't actually managed to get the bloody TypeKey stuff working anywhere yet... but it's late now and I'm going to bed :-) Those of you who have donated will find your templates mysteriously fix themselves faster ;-)