Well, that wasn't too bad

It's all still pretty much at the introductory phase, but I'm liking it so far. The overwhelming impression now is one of size. Yahoo is so big that absolutely everything has to be re-examined in terms of practicality. PHP have some performance problems? Don't work around them: patch PHP. Apache not dealing with cookies conveniently? Create a module for it. Getting a new machine, an endless round of grovelling and delays at every other company I've worked at, is a matter of asking for one. Oh, and I get two: one laptop, and one desktop to act as a server. Docking station? Just ask. VPN access? No problem. WiFi? It blankets the building, obviously. The resources available certainly make you feel like you can accomplish absolutely anything, which I guess is the idea.

Oh, and of course, IM is actively encouraged: you can get me on Yahoo messenger anytime :-)

Reading: Diaspora by Greg Egan. A damn sight better than the frustrating, depressing, dissatisfying On by Adam Roberts.
Listening to: How to be dead, Snow Patrol
Watching: Thumbsucker. It was great. Call out to your power animal!
Wearing: great coat and scarf. It's fuckin' cold.