Well, war is pretty much all I've been paying attention to recently, so a bunch of random links...

Well, war is pretty much all I've been paying attention to recently, so a bunch of random links vaguely related:
  • Dear Raed is a blog, apparently from someone within Baghdad. Its authenticity has been doubted, but since it's suddenly stopped updating, coinciding with power supplies in Baghdad being knocked out, I think it's probably real.
  • Robin Cook gave a hell of a speech in resigning from government over the war. He gives all the right reasons against war, but not show-stoppers.
  • The pretty pictures painted by Boris Vallejo have absolutely nothing to do with war.
  • Anti-French hysteria reaches its peak in America with campaigns to send back the statue of Liberty.
  • In a St. Patrick's day parade, supporters of County Monaghan in Ireland abandoned their traditional banner since county Monaghan's outline, which was on their banner, looks similar to that of Iraq. I'm frankly impressed that Americans could recognize the outline of Iraq.
  • Will the parodies of ready.gov never end?
  • In a propaganda war, nothing could be more handy than a superhero name generator or, for counter-propaganda, an evil name generator.
  • You should also keep an eye on the Office of Homeland Insecurity's distraction level alerts.
  • Steve Bell has been drawing excellent cartoons for a while, but his most recent effort is really not that good, but there appears to be a dearth of good cartoons considering the mileage that can be got out of everybody's favourite new buzz-phrase, shock and awe. (Or its more recent relative "shock, surprise, flexibility and the use of overwhelming force")
  • To take your mind off of that, I invite you to be soothed by singing puppies and kittens
  • Since CNN's video feeds all require that awful RealONE pass, I've been watching the free video feeds on BBC News. It's produced some pretty good coverage, including great footage of Bush getting his hair coiffed prior to his address to the nation. Hoo boy, did the White House get pissed.
  • Britain's MP's voted pro-war, but it's interesting to see the pattern of that voting.
  • The peace movement continues, waving their flags, a popular one of which is a rainbow flag with the word "PACE" (Italian for "peace") written across it in white. Of course, as several have pointed out, this bears some similarity to the gay pride flag. This is not particularly amusing, except that the inventor of the rainbow peace flag is apparently an Italian Catholic organization, which has been upset to discover that it been accidentally promoting homosexuality.
  • I'm surprised this photo is still available.
  • And finally, for your dose of ridiculousness for the day, I invite you to see the CIA's homepage for kids, which appears to be anti-drugs ("fly high on intelligence, not drugs" says a fairly random-looking cartoon owl) and pro-spying. Hilarious pictures abound.