We're back!

Ironically, the same day that I got a job writing PHP for a living, a PHP script that I've been using for months randomly broke -- don't ask me; I didn't change anything -- so I couldn't tell you properly. But that's fixed now, and I'm back, baby! It's only been two weeks...

Anyway, so I'm in the middle of flat-hunting at the moment: traipsing around a London that has decided now would be the perfect time to become unbearably hot and muggy as opposed to, say, a week from now, when I would have nothing better to do than sit and quietly bake. No. So I'm turning up at a series of unwelcoming doors to crappy flats full of odd people pouring buckets of sweat. I'm pleased, can't you tell?

Property prices in London are insane at the moment, incidentally, and while this hasn't raised the average flat price much -- nobody could afford it otherwise -- it has made for crappier flats, as more and more people convert their living room/lounge into an extra bedroom to save on rents. Screw that; I want a living room! I also want it to be in Zone 2*, close to a tube station, in a neighbourhood where violent death is not a major feature of the night life. Is that too much to ask for £500 monthly? It seems so.

I'll do some random linkage on the next update; some of the better stuff has been posted to Gay Geeks; shame on you for not reading it every day. Oh, all right then:

  • God gives us the finger
  • Spiders on hallucinogenic drugs create funky webs, although I think they're using a little bit of artistic licence when they claim that "[s]piders on marijuana made a reasonable stab at spinning webs but appeared to lose concentration about half-way through". I'm looking at you here, Dan. Both Dans in fact.
  • The RIAA claims that filesharing traffic has dropped 15% as a result of their lawsuits, based rather oddly on data from a single week. Incidentally, that was the same week as the fourth of July. Oh, and one day is 14.2% of a week. But, y'know, draw your own conclusions there.

    * For Americans and other clueless people: London's metropolitan transport system is divided into concentric "zones". The closer to the desirable centre you are, the more expensive things get, on a roughly exponential scale.