What Would Tyler Durden Do?

Be awesome, at length, apparently. From a recent post on Britney's new video:

Remember when Britney Spears was filming her video for "Gimmie More", and it was three days of sheer pandemonium, with reports of huge budgets and effects and massive crews like they were planning the invasion of Normandy? Well, for that, Jive Records got three minutes of some fatty spinning around a pole. Yaay. She's not even really dancing. It's not like a stripper thing. She's just spinning around and around. It's more like they put a cake on an RC car and then ran it in circles around the stage and then filmed her as she decided on a plan.

Yeah, I'm really late to this party, but What Would Tyler Durden Do is the funniest way to find out about all that tedious shit you're eventually going to hear about from CNN anyway. It is to regular gossip sites as The Daily Show is to regular news.