"What's the most visually interesting thing on this menu?"

Well, there's been a big gap in my blogging, mainly because life's been too busy in the real world to find time to write about it. This was a good weekend though; Popstarz was fun with a big group of ex-Warwick peeps plus London peeps. My night bus took a million years to get back however (mainly thanks to a numbnut without a ticket who decided if he just stood there being an asshole long enough the driver would get tired and drive on. 20 minutes later he was disappointed.)

Despite not having had much sleep as a result of the night bus, Saturday was fun. A picnic in green park, followed by coffee, followed by movies (The Bourne Supremacy, which I thought wasn't bad, just dull), followed by drinks, all in the excellent company of Thom, Ian and Tarrant, although they really need to get out of the habit of referring to friends by their ID on OUT.

Oh, and the site now has a music log on the bottom-left. Now you can know exactly what shit I listen to!

Update: The Bourne Supremacy was so dull, I got the name wrong. Fixed.