Why I should vote Lib Dem

The test I did in the post prior to this one was something of a cheat, given that I'd already decided who I was going to vote for using the BBC's handy policies at a glance election guide. The below is paraphrased from the email in which I decided, on a category by category basis.


I like Lib Dems. Labour are a bit draconian, Conservatives are plain evil.


All three parties have expensive and impractical plans. The Lib Dem would ban smoking in all public places, so despite having the most expensive plans of the three, they get my vote here.


Labour are wussy, Conservatives are tough (but like drug rehab, which is nice), and Lib Dems are uber-wussy. Surprisingly enough, I'd go conservative on this one.


Both opposition parties are promising way more spending than they can deliver, so I don't take them seriously here. Labour are practical if not terribly visionary.

War on terror

Lib Dems want immediate pullout, so scratch them. Conservatives want to waste money on regiments but Labour have stupid plans for detaining terror suspects (they also like ID cards). Conservatives are the least of three stupidities here.


I don't care; the system will doubtless go bust long before I retire. Not a voting issue for me.


Labour are definitely planning tax rises but won't admit it, Tories are promising tax cuts but also planning rises, Lib Dems are saying they will raise taxes outright and are planning to shift from flat council tax to local income tax, which would save me money, so Lib Dems.


Tories are anti-Europe, Lib Dems are pro-Europe, Labour are pragmatic about it. So Labour, mainly because Gordon is in charge of deciding when would be the right time to join, and we trust him.


Another non-voting issue for me. We already allow gay adoption. (But see gay marrige, below)


Everybody has surprisingly good plans, but Tories are signalling they don't like Kyoto. Lib dems are the greenest (well, other than the Greens obviously, but we're not considering them), so Lib Dems win, all other things being equal.


Conservatives are pandering, Lib-dems are impractical, so Labour, who are merely incompetent.

Rural affairs

Lib Dems and Tories are both anti-GM, Tories are also anti-travellers (aka racist). All want to reform the CAP. Labour.

Constitutional reform

Lib dems have good ideas, Conservatives okay ones, Labour are deliberately dragging their feet and promising nothing. Lib Dems.


Labour made gay marriage legal. Yay Labour!

Based on the above, I support:

  • Conservatives on crime and war (surprisingly)
  • Labour on education, Europe, transport, "rural affairs" and equality
  • Lib Dems on immigration, health, tax, environment, and constitutional reform

So technically Lib dems are tied with labour, but their positions are similar on Europe, so on balance I think I should vote Lib Dem (unless, of course, it looks like the Tories might win).

And the test this morning just backed that up, essentially by asking questions about all the same issues. I wouldn't be surprised if whoever made the test did it based on that BBC thing too.