My new house is truly fabulous! Total party-house in every way. My bedroom is only about 60% of the size of the cavern I currently/used to (what tense to use on moving day? interesting) live in, but that's still plenty big. And it has a comfortable bed. And a double wardrobe! Housemate J's room is the same size as mine, and housemate T's room is stupidly, ridiculously large with an ensuite bathroom.

The road is a quiet residential street lined with actual, honest-to-god trees and gardens. 5 mins walk away is a street full of shops -- apparently mainly selling women's fashion, but I'm sure there are more -- and the tube is another 5 minutes past that. Popstarz is a delicious 4 minutes away from there, Oxford Circus is 10. There's also a good-sized Tesco 5 minutes from the house. Generally, I'm enormously pleased with the location.

But back to it being a party-house: the living room is cavernous, with three sofas and enormous rolling plains of carpet across which herds of buffalo frolic (okay, so I'm exaggerating slightly here). There's also a completely random extra room, which we're currently thinking should probably be the Media room full of speakers and music and general electronic goodness -- also on that floor are the kitchen (only slightly smaller than my current one) and a bathroom: so basically one whole floor of communal space for a kick-ass party. (I'm sure that "no loud music after 11pm" thing on the contract is just there for show...).

Oh, and it's got lovely high ceilings and all the woodwork is painted my favourite shade of sky blue! Talk about lucky.

So that's it. I love my new place. Hurrah. There's no ADSL until around Wednesday though, so there will be little or no blogging until then. I'm sure you'll all cope; just read PlasticBag and wibble at the sheer awesomeness of Tom Coates, my personal hero.