Yet more backlog (the sheer size of the backlog is daunting): You know how it's supposed to be...

Yet more backlog (the sheer size of the backlog is daunting):
  1. You know how it's supposed to be impossible to fall off a segway? Well, somebody managed it. Predictable, really.
  2. The UK is getting a supreme court. When the fuck did they ask us if this was okay?
  3. Want an old version of Netscape to play with? Every version since 2.0. And all of them bloody useless :-) But at least you can install them simultaneously, unlike bloody one-version-at-a-time MSIE.
  4. Quicktime VR of the burning man festival. Mother*****r of a plugin required, but quite cool once you've got it.
  5. By far the best-looking woman in Matrix Reloaded was Persephone (i.e. the kick-ass wife of the Annoying French Guy). Also, at some point soon I will be posting my theory of the final Matrix movie, just so I can say I-told-you-so if I get it right :-)
  6. Barcode yourself (via Matt). I'm worth £6.06; who'd have known? (Tip: it gets confused if you use metric units, the silly thing)
  7. A fascinating dual interview using questions submitted by the public to Lawrence Lessig (a major P2P advocate) and Matt Oppenheim (a major weasel and pawn of the RIAA, not that I'm biased or anything) about the legal issues surrounding P2P filesharing of music. Bottom line: it's illegal, but that doesn't mean P2P is illegal, and the RIAA should just deal.
  8. What would cities be like without cars? A whole lot of thought and time has been invested into not only this question, but designing whole cities to work without the need for cars.
  9. An interesting blog on what weblogs are. I don't get too excited about blogs: they're cool, they're fun. They're not a worldwide revolution, although seem to forget that from time to time (sorry Tom ;-).
  10. An excellent and very informative review of X2. Did I mention how much I liked that movie? Dave's blog is generally pretty good actually. I need to get an RSS aggregator already; I'm just too lazy.
  11. It was very clear that the war in Iraq was very well stage-managed. But I wasn't aware quite how crudely. For instance, the epic rescue of Private Lynch was only necessary because US soliders themselves stopped the ambulance that was attempting to carry her to them at a checkpoint. And we knew the statue toppling in the square right in front of the press hotel was no accident either, but were you aware the "happy Iraqis" who did it were in fact members of a US-allied militia, and had been ordered to do so? Nuts.
  12. The Keeper of Lists provides the logical extension of the "top 10" lists everywhere, including such lists as "Top 50 Bathroom Graffiti Quotes" (On bottom of stall door - "Beware of Limbo dancers") and "Top 79 Songs From 'Star Trek: The Musical'" ("It's a hard-Spock life" and "Beam Me Up, Before You Go-Go"). Hours of fun.
  13. Those kids at Forward Glamour are quite funny, sometimes.