Y'know what? The legal system sucks. On November 26th, 2001, a previously-convicted child molester...

Y'know what? The legal system sucks.
On November 26th, 2001, a previously-convicted child molester by the name of Ricky Chavis discovered that the father of a child he was molesting had found out about it. He then persuaded the boy, who was 12, and his brother, who was 13, to let him into their house, where he killed their father and then set their house on fire. He then persuaded them to help him conceal the crime, to the extent that they confessed to the crime themselves, having been thoroughly coached by Chavis to keep their stories consistent.
A year later, Chavis has been found innocent, and even more ridiculously, the boys have been found guilty. This would be a ridiculous miscarriage of justice even if that were the full story. Who's more likely to have killed their father: the kids, who were shit-scared of their dad (a strict disciplinarian)? Or the person who actually had, gosh, a motive to kill the man who had discovered him engaged in a whole bunch of illegal sexual abuse with his kids?
But the stupidity doesn't end there. The same prosecutor was assigned to the cases of both Chavis and the kids. So in both cases, he argued that they had committed the crime, and convinced two separate juries of two totally different interpretations of the evidence. Insane. And meanwhile, two very young, very stupid, very scared kids are being prosecuted for the murder of their father, rather than being counselled to try and get over the massive psychological and emotional problems that the murder and the preceding abuse has doubtless created.
What kind of life are these kids going to have? What kind of relationship with authority figures are they going to have, when every authority they've experienced in their lives so far -- first their father, then Chavis, and now the criminal justice system -- has done nothing but abuse them? To reiterate: the legal system sucks.

On an unrelated note, read this article and see how long it takes you to notice what's wrong. Scary, huh?