You can't hide from the Google

Read Rainbow Villa? Ever wondered what he looks like? Well then, here's John of Rainbow Villa's Gaydar profile. It has to be him -- age, location, educational status all match up, not to mention a strong interest in musical theatre. And he provides more salacious details than he does on his official about page on Rainbow Villa. To whit:

Fetishes: Armpits, Body Hair, Cut, Denim, Jocks, Muscle, Nipples, Piercing, Socks, Speedos, Sportswear, Tattoos, Trainers/Sneakers, Uncut, Underwear
Types I Like: Bears, Builders, Firemen, Footballers, Geeks, Labourers, Muscle Men, Policemen, Preppies, Punks, Rugby Players, Short Guys
It's just too, too funny. I feel a bit of a dick doing this, but really, just google for jczelyph (the domain name of Rainbow Villa) and up he comes on the last page of results. I don't really have anything against him (well, okay, he's a little annoying sometimes, but hey, I could just stop reading his site, right?). This is being done more in the spirit of sharing otherwise hidden information: there's nothing he could find particulary embarrassing on his profile, he posted it all himself! And really, if he wanted to protect his identity, he could have taken the bloody thing down.

I dunno about you, but I pictured him being blonde, and thinner (not that he's fat -- I just pictured a stick thin scene queen).

Update: John has got in touch, and doesn't seem to mind me linking the two profiles. However, he says his tastes have changed, so he's changed the profile. I'm leaving the original here, but click on through to see his more recent stuff :-)