You can't just make stuff up

Okay, right now, before this gets out of hand, I'm going to put a stop to this: "dooced" is not a word, okay?

I don't care that the BBC wrote a cutesy technology article about it, although urban dictionary has it, with multiple definitions and votes, which is more suprising. There are only 6000 references to it in Google (as of time of writing) and most of those refer to the UrbanDictionary entry or the aforementioned article. 6000 entries does not a word make. By contrast, "blog", which was only made a dictionary word this year, has 99 million entries, which is surely some sort of theoretical limit to Google's searching capabilities anyway.

The etymology of the term is simple. Heather of (which is, incidentally, pretty funny) lost her job over her blog. Cue over-excited journalists and the incestuous world of the top-notch bloggers, and you a word that thinks it is altogether more popular than it really is.

It's a stupid word that doesn't aid understanding any more than "fired". Let's kill this now, before it spreads.

P.S. Exciting blogging about my tropical vacation will commence when I've got over the flu that has dominated it so far. Damn karma.