You've got questions, we've got answers

And now, the answers to your questions...

From Geoff:

1. Who's the first person you ever had a serious crush on?
His name was Troy Suliman; he used to sit behind me in Chemistry class at CIC, my secondary school. He was tall, slim, had gorgeous skin, amazing cheekbones, strong jaw, long legs and an ass like rock. I had a crush on him before I even worked out that I was gay -- in fact, the strong feelings I felt whenever he was around were what prompted me to question if I was gay in the first place. Thanks for the memories, Troy ;-)
2. Would you stroll through Trafalgar Square naked at noon for $30,000?
People walk through Trafalgar Square naked all the freakin' time; damn hippies. Hmm... £16000? Yeah, probably, depending how cold it was and exactly how far across the square I had to walk. Do I have to stop at the traffic lights and stuff? 'Cause that'd make me feel really stupid...
3. If your oldest friend, your mother, and the love of your life were all stricken with a lethal ailment, and only one dose of the cure was available (let's assume that no more can be made, and that one dose cures the sickness), to whom would you give the cure?
My mother would probably object to me giving it to her when the other two needed it (she's that kind of person). And my oldest friend is one of the loves of my life, so there would be no dilemma :-)

From Marc:

1) Would you ever return to Trinidad to live?
Nope. It's too homophobic, too corrupt, too slow-moving, too small, too limited, and above all too boring. Maybe in the future I will slow down, limit myself, get duller and more corrupt, but then I'll still be a flamer, so nope. Also, they don't have broadband there.
2) Memory of your teenage years that most stands out in your mind?
A single incident, of all the time from 13-19? Wow. Let's just keep it to my time at school then; still a long time, still a tricky question. Oh! It would be the Sunday morning I woke up to discover that the Sunday Express had not only accepted a letter I'd written, but run it as a full-page article on the back cover of their youth section. It was the first time anything I'd written had ever been read by any number of people, and the e-mail responses that resulted were overwhelming. That incident let to the formation of the TriniContact mailing list and all the fun and friendships that provided. That was great :-)
3) What's one question you definitely wouldn't answer? (Just the question, obviously, not the answer).
"How big is his dick?" I don't kiss and tell :-)

And finally Colin:

1. If you had to change your hair permanently today, what color would you choose and why?
Blue! Easy question. Because I have a strange fixation with blue hair. And if it were permanent -- as in, I could grow it long and stuff and it would still look natural and everything -- well that would be... just... amazing. I'd look like an anime character! And it'd be a great conversation-point at parties.
2. What are you most afraid of?
Being old and lonely.
3. What motivates you?
Fantasies of cheering crowds. No, really.