Surprise, it's the new Seldo.Com! Currently in alpha -- there's quite a few things hanging around unfinished. But the key stuff is here!

What's new

  • Everything! The Seldo.Com backend, written over Easter vacation of 2002, has served 5 long years faithfully -- the longest continuous period I've ever used a single piece of software. However, for the last 3 or so years it had become more and more embarrassing as web standards moved on and left it behind. So the new system is built fresh, from nothing, using the rather nifty Code Igniter MVC framework.
  • Tags! They're a bit useless at the moment since everything's been auto-tagged according to what section of the old site it was in, and 90% of stuff was in "blog". But as I go I will be modifying tags on the old content and the tags should begin to reflect my actual posting patterns. I may also let you lot start tagging, though I need to do a bit more work before that's possible.
  • Commenting on the scratchpad and last.fm songs. People have been attempting to comment on them via the old bubbles in the top-right for years; now each one has its own permanent link and a comments form, so you can comment away.
  • Flickr and Twitter streams. Twitter has fast become one of the most frequent targets of life updates for me -- 2 or 3 a day -- so it's about time it showed up. To say nothing of Flickr, which I've been using for years.
  • Searching! It's not very good search, but it's reasonably functional and 100% better than the "no search" functionality of before. Plus, the new site is a lot more Google-friendly, so finding stuff that way should work better too.
  • Last and so far least, a complete visual redesign. This bit is actually not finished -- as you'll see if you click into any of the sub-pages, or if you're viewing this in any browser that isn't Firefox. I'm still building the visuals, but I couldn't go another weekend of using the crappy old back-end, so from here on in the new software is live and I'll be fixing the CSS as I go.

What's still here

  • 95% of the old content. The entire archives of the old blog have been migrated over and are now accessible via nifty, human-readable URLs.
  • Most of the old URLs. For instance, the old feed URL still works, it just redirects to the new feed. Most RSS software shouldn't have a problem with that, but if they do, here the new feed URL.
  • Bugs. Technically, all the old ones have gone and been replaced by new ones, but I'm not sure that'll please anybody. Please let me know via comments what's broken. And via email if what's broken is commenting :-)

What's gone

The biggest removal has been the dark secret of the old system: sad to say, it was inadvertently directing torrents of third-party spam at anybody unwise enough to enter their email address in the comments box. Now email addresses are never published on the site, so you can comment freely. Plus, Wordpress-style, it will remember your name and your web address if you use the same email every time (but no, this blog is not powered by WordPress in any way.

Still lots to do

Now, unless my big friendly green PUBLISH button doesn't work, this should be the first post on the new system. Wheee! Let me know what you think!