I've just been for my annual dentist visit, when I blow all the money I've saved by not drinking repairing the damage done by all the fizzy drinks I drank instead. Three fillings this time, which is above average for me -- usually it's just one or two. And yes, I get fillings nearly every time I go -- my teeth, genetically predisposed to be weak to begin with, are really not looked after and are a total mess :-/

Having moved around a lot in the last few years, I've ended up using a new dentist nearly every time since: the time before this was Harringey Dental Care, which was frankly rubbish: a disastrously botched filling, which chipped off 6 months later. This time was Blackstock Dental Care, which so far was more confidence-inspiring, although the dentist was a bit heavy-handed and kept humming along to the Pussycat Dolls, which makes me question his judgement.

Which brings me to a point: why isn't there a way of comparison-shopping for doctors and dentists? Like restaurant review sites, this would provide basic contact details, and then let people write reviews and give ratings on a 1-10 scale for quality of, say, diagnosis, treatment, after-care, and value for money. It seems like there's a real market for stuff like that. Anyone want to register www.medicalratings.org.uk with me?